SUZY DOES IT Foundation

We are engaged in the creation of a SUZY DOES IT foundation. The aim of this foundation is to help women get sporty. Than 40% of Dutch women exercise not enough, even though almost everyone already knows that exercise is good for us.

We see that many women get in trouble more often. We women find it is generally important to make use of a social circle which is greater than just the family. Part We often have a close network of neighbors, friends and colleagues. We women talk easily about our lives, our successes but also about the problems we might encounter. Sharing these feelings often work already reduces stress and provides support in difficult times. The other side of the coin is that we attract more of our emotional, sad or exciting events that occur within this network.

So it is not crazy that you want to meet the perfect picture on all sides: many friends and family, a good job, a nice relationship, look great and be a good mother. In order to be able to, all of those, there is a pressure to wonderwondel: sport!




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